Side Events

ARIJ AI Exhibition

We review our strategy and tools in the field of artificial intelligence, designed specifically for small and medium newsrooms in the Arab world. However, it is necessary to address the challenges of AI, including biased algorithms and potential misinformation, necessitating ethical guidelines. Supported by the Google News Initiative.

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A picture from the ARIJ AI Exhibition

Investigations Art Installation

During the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) held in Dubai, collaboration between Arab investigative journalists and European artists generated innovative cross-border environmental stories with the aim of shifting narratives and perspectives and promoting change. In partnership with the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague.

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A picture from the Investigations Art Installation

Digital Safety Clinics

Are you looking to enhance your digital safety? Join us in our suite to protect against surveillance and secure your online presence. Discover our top essential tips for staying safe in an increasingly monitored online environment.

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A picture from Digital Safety Clinics

ARIJ Investigations Exhibition

A showcase of ARIJ's investigations for 2023, where we uncover stories and expose violations and abuses for greater accountability in the Arab world.

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A picture from ARIJ Investigations Exhibition

Journalists from Gaza .. A Memorial

We honor the memory of journalists killed in Palestine and Lebanon in October and November 2023. We emphasize the necessity and protection of those who report the truth.

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A picture from Journalists from Gaza memorial


A one-stop-shop platform that accelerates the fight against misinformation through technology. Exhibition by Dalil.

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A picture from DALIL Exhibition

Physical Safety Exhibition (VR)

Explore immersive virtual reality experiences to confidently navigate high-stakes situations. A new method of physical safety training to improve decision-making and immersion in complex scenarios. Exhibition by Headset Immersive.

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A picture from the Physical Safety Exhibition (VR) activity

Google Dinner

On December 1, 2023, ARIJ organized a Google-sponsored dinner at Dar Naama. The dinner hosted many speakers and donors, providing an excellent opportunity for networking and collaboration.

A picture from Google Dinner

Pre-Forum Regional Meetings

On November 30, ARIJ, in partnership with GFMD, held a regional meeting attended by more than 70 participants from more than 60 organizations from around the world, focusing on the war on Gaza and journalism, as well as media support in the MENA region and its impact on funding and sustainability. In addition, the meeting discussed current needs and crisis responses and how to better support journalists and media organizations, as well as needs assessments, funding, collaboration, and donor support. The meeting concluded with a discussion on updating the Code of Practice for Forum members and the principles of effective media support.

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A picture from Pre-Forum Regional Meetings

ARIJ Forum Newsroom

The ARIJ Newsroom team was present during the three days of the ARIJ 16th Annual Forum, covering all aspects of the forum and taking viewers on a unique tour of all aspects of the forum, from the sessions to the outstanding attendees and participants.

The team also highlighted the prestigious awards given out at the event and revealed the behind-the-scenes efforts.

The ARIJ newsroom is an integral part of ARIJ, as it contributes significantly to conveying the atmosphere and key moments to the audience in a unique way.

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A picture from ARIJ Forum Newsroom

Safety and Security Clinics

During ARIJ's 16th Annual Forum 2023, the Rory Peck Trust organization, in collaboration with ARIJ, organized a safety and security clinic program for freelance journalists.

The safety clinics are an opportunity to receive free face-to-face counseling on safety and security of various types, such as personal security, including risk assessment, digital security, psychological security and trauma management, and legal security and awareness. The sessions ran for 30-45 minutes during the three days of the event.

Safety and Security Clinics